Welcome to Biopharma Group

Biopharma Group is the home of a set of brand divisions that act as a one-stop shop for the pharma, diagnostics, biotech, and bioprocessing industries. As a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of lyophilization and bioprocessing equipment, along with CDMO services and solutions, we offer a complete portfolio of:

  • Capital Equipment & Technical Service Support: Freeze dryers, fill-finish lines, high pressure homogenizers, solvent evaporators & analytical instruments (UK & Ireland).
  • CDMO Services & Solutions: Expert contract research, development, and manufacturing (non-GMP & GMP) for lyophilized products & liquid formulations (global).
  • Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) offers a combined proposition of capital equipment ranges and CDMO services expertise for our customers in France.
  • Faster Airflow Equipment: A dedicated division supplying lab equipment to protect personnel from hazardous substances including microbiological safety cabinets (MSCs), fume cabinets & cytotoxic isolators.
  • Cryopreservation Storage Solutions:  Safe containment for biological samples.
  • Lyophilization Training: A selection of training courses specifically catered to those using lyophilization techniques and processes, from scheduled and customised to eLearning & webinars.

Trusted by leading companies, Biopharma Group accelerates your R&D, streamlines processes, and accelerates time-to-market. We partner with pharmaceutical giants and growing biotech startups alike.

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